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Khaya Basic

Prices starting at $17,995 (email or call for pricing and options)



  • Basic unit which is carpeted

  • No internals

  • Wiring for lights with lights included

  • Wiring for solar preparation            

  • Canvas on rear door

  • Mounting kit

  • Mattress and tent

Will suit most mid-sized (Short bed) and (Long bed) pick-ups. Please inquire to see if the Khaya would suit your vehicle.


In search of the perfect slide in camper, this Khaya Alu-Cab truck shell camper for sale was born. Taking what Alu-Cab had learned over the years of producing custom campers along with the Ossewa, they applied this experience into designing a totally new aluminum slide in camper from the ground up. Starting with a full hand “tig” welded aluminum extrusion skeleton, an extremely labor intensive process that gives the Khaya an unmatched strength to weight ratio. Enclosing this aluminum skeleton is a combination of aluminum corrugation and tread plate using cutting edge adhesive technology and “tig” welding in crucial structural areas. This eliminates the use of wood products on the exterior of the truck shell camper for greater durability and lighter weight.


The pop top mechanism and tent enclosure share the same technology as our Hercules and Icarus conversions, allowing the tent of this truck shell camper to be deployed in under 5 seconds and closed in under 10 seconds. Allowing a no hassle setup and tear down no matter the conditions.


Knowing Alu-Cab's customers travel into the outdoors to spend time outside, they designed four exterior cupboards to enhance that time spent with a full kitchen set, propane, shower and loads of space for tools, recovery and air gear. All protected with keyed push lock compression latches and no windows to draw unwanted attention. The complete exterior of this aluminum slide-in camper is powercoated in-house in either a smooth silver or textured black coating for a tough scratch resistant finish in any environment.


The planning of the interior follows the same philosophy of the truck shell camper’s exterior, utilizing aluminum extrusion framing including an all-aluminum kitchen unit. Counting every kilo, they utilized their proven canvas cabinet coverings to provide a light weight and ultra-durable storage solution. Interior space in this aluminum slide-in camper is kept to a realistic minimum for two adults to maximize outside storage while retaining the smallest overall footprint. 


When introducing the Khaya truck shell camper to the North American market, special attention was given not only to the unique vehicle fitments of the continent but also the demands of the climate and consumer. All vehicle fitments for this aluminum slide-in camper were designed and tested in CAD and two prototype units were shipped for further real world testing and development to both the East and West coasts. After six plus months each of hard miles, trails, motorways and nights under the stars production models of this truck shell camper were finalized and the builds underway. The end product is what Alu-Cab collectively feels is the ultimate aluminum slide-in camper. Expedition proven quality meets convenient slide in camper and gone are the days of needing a fully dedicated vehicle for this level of comfort and dependability off the grid.


Because each Khaya truck shell camper is hand built in the Cape Town, South Africa headquarters to the customer’s specifications typically lead times vary between 6-10 weeks dependent on demand. Please enquire on current lead times.


Alu-Cab has created an extensive list of available options for the Khaya truck shell camper, all the essentials of a proper expedition while never sacrificing function for form. Each individual accessory has been tested, revised or replaced until it was the perfect solution for the offering.

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