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About Mudrak

Gary Kardum, aka Mudrak, has been a Land Cruiser enthusiast for over 30 years. What was once just a hobby, or a borderline obsession, is now a thriving business built on passion, integrity, and a CONTINUED borderline obsession.

At Mudrak Custom Cruisers, Gary believes in quality and in running a business with old-fashioned values and customer service. It's important that when a customer calls the shop, they get a real person to talk to.

He believes in outfitting your vehicle with the best products on the market. But he also believes that you need to take time and get out and enjoy your vehicle and the places it was built to take you. That's why if you call Gary's shop, he just might answer the call from some remote location in the deserts of Utah or hiking up to Walker Hill on the Rubicon, or deep in a canyon somewhere that only gets one or two overnight visitors in a year--you'd be amazed at cell phone reception these days!

Gary believes that if you love what you do, it shows in your work--and he REALLY loves what he does.

The quality of his work coupled with his great reputation is a direct result of what he puts into each job. He offers a full range of services; general vehicle maintenance, full restoration projects, and expedition outfitting of Toyota Land Cruisers and many other makes and models, plus so much more.

Gary works with his customers to meet their budgets and he will never try to sell you something you just don't need.

One of the best parts about owning the business and being a part of this industry is that it has allowed Gary the opportunity to meet and work for an outstanding group of people. Gary's customers, and even his vendors, come from all over the world with various backgrounds and stories, but they all seem to share the same spirit and camaraderie. That's probably why so many of Gary's customers and vendors have become lifelong friends. 

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